Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 323

Tommy Keene- Based on Happy Times

Of all the Tommy Keene albums I own on either vinyl or cd, this is my least favorite of his. And it's still not bad, but if I'm in a mood for some Tommy Keene, this would always be the last choice in his catalog I'd put on the stereo.

This was also his last on a major label (Geffen) so I guess they felt the same way about.

Being that I already knew this was my least favorite of his, I really just had it on as background noise while I cleaned house, so really wasn't paying much attention. I really dig "Nothing Can Change You" the first track, but then I lose interest so this is all I'll say about this album.

I'm even going to leave off a video. But that's mainly because I'm being lazy at work right now, and don't feel like searching for one on youtube.

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