Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 325

King's X- Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

I never really got into King's X back in the 80's except for "Over My Head" because honestly, I just didn't get it. Teenagers that aren't aspiring musicians have a hard time understanding prog metal.

But now at 39 (yikes!) and still not an aspiring musician, I do at least get it and love it. Sure it took me awhile, but this album really does rule.

Luckily, I only picked it up on vinyl because of the song, "Over My Head", but that's probably the worst song on the record. But it's also probably the most radio friendly, hence it being the single. When I was listening to this yesterday, I honestly kept waiting for it to turn to shit, but it never did. Every song just killed.

Oh crap. Just looked up their tour dates and they are coming through Austin in late March. I'll be out of town. Damn! Guess it gives me more time to get more of their catalog before they come back through.

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