Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 326

Kingdom Come- Kingdom Come

Other than their hit, "Get it On", this is one unmemorable album. And "Get It On" was really only memorable because of it's blatant ripoff of Led Zeppelin.

I thought it was funny when Lenny Wolf would do interviews and say that they sounding nothing like Zeppelin. C'mon Lenny, own up to it!

I did own this on cassette when it first came out because 1) I thought "Get It On" was a cool tune for about 5 minutes and 2) since they were going to be on The Monsters of Rock tour in 1988, I wanted to get more familiar with them before going to the show. They sucked. At least Metallica was on the bill.

This album is going in the "taking up space so it's going to Goodwill" pile.

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