Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 336

Mark Kozelek- Live at Union Chapel & Sodra Teatern

Here's a live album from Kozelek's 2010 European tour that was recorded in London and Stockholm. Pretty nice collection of tunes throughout his career and also includes the Thin Lizzy song, "Randolph's Tango" as the album closer. Leave it to Kozelek to do a cover of a more obscure Thin Lizzy song.

It's a good live album that gives you a taste of what to expect at a Mark Kozelek show, but one of the things that I love about seeing him live is his in between song banter which is missing on this album. I've never seen someone as good as Kozelek at breaking your heart during the songs and cracking you up between them.

I repeat, I can't wait to see him again on September 21st at the Scottish Rite Theatre. Be there!

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