Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 343

Krokus-The Blitz

This is the album that first got me into Krokus. The 12 year old in me still loves it, but the soon to be 40 year old me cringed through half the record. There are still some good tracks, but definitely sounds like Krokus decided to go for the LA hair metal sound with this album. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think Krokus would have been better off staying with the Headhunter sound instead of polishing things up.

Oh and in case you are curious, this album's cover song is Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz". 

It was also on this album's tour that I went to my first ever concert. Have I told you this story before? Well if I have, here it is again:

It was April 30th, 1985 at the Dallas Convention Center. Opening acts were Coney Hatch and Accept, so pretty good triple bill. I went with my older (by four years) brother and his friends so I was the tag along little brother that Jim really did not want around, but he knew I loved Krokus so he took me anyways.

I was having the time of my life at that show, even though I was basically on my own since my brother and his friends decided to sit one row behind me. At one point, I turn around to my brother and what do I see? My bro smoking a joint.

Remember now, I was only 12, at my first concert, and had never seen a person smoking weed before. So what do I do? I cry like a little baby.

I have no idea why I cried. I wasn't mad or sad. Nor did telling our parents ever cross my mind. Guess I was just shocked. But of course this pissed off my brother, but he tried to be cool about it while also being a dick. He was being cool, because he didn't want me to tell Mom, but he was being a dick because I was crying at a rock concert while Krokus is on and everyone in our section is staring at me. Shit, I really can't blame him.

Well that ends the Krokus run. I used to have their live album, Alive and Screamin', but I gave it to my brother when I saw him in Japan back in March because he's on the back cover smoking a joint. Just kidding about the joint part. The photo was taken at the '86 Texxas Jam and my brother is front row to the right of the stage. Far, far away from where I had to sit.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 342

Krokus- Headhunter

Far and away, this is Krokus' best album. It features the track they are best known for, "Screaming in the Night" that everybody knows even if you don't know who Krokus are. But also plenty of other good gems on here like "Eat The Rich", "Headhunter", "Night Wolf" and the cover (of  course) version of BTO's "Stayed Awake All Night". How much money had Randy Bachmann made off of Krokus?

So if you are sort of a Krokus fan, but not really, this is the album to get. Or you can get one of their greatest hits albums, but hell half those songs are on this record anyways.

This video still rules:


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 341

Krokus- One Vice At A Time

This is the album where Krokus started getting their shit together. I still say that "Long Stick Goes Boom" is one of their best songs. But, this is also the first album where they (or their label more likely) decided to add at least one cover song. In this case the honor goes to the Guess Who's "American Woman". Not a bad cover, but was it necessary? The album is still pretty strong if you take it off and ad an original composition in it's place.

Other favorite tracks on this record are "To The Top" and "Bad Boys, Rag Dolls". But dudes, don't rip off Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" on a song that you also call "Rock and Roll". That wasn't cool.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 340

Krokus- Hardware

Fair warning: Krokus week

Krokus will always be an important band to me for one simple reason: They were the first concert I ever went to. April 30th, 1985 at the Dallas Convention Center with Accept and Coney Hatch as the openers. Thousands of shows have followed since, but I never have had the chance to see Krokus again. But I would in a heartbeat if they ever came down this way. So yeah, I am still a fan. I'm even on their mailing list.

This album was the precursor to the Krokus "golden age". It's a decent record, but nowhere near as good as the next three that follow. I'd recommend it only on the cheap.

I probably won't ever listen to it again, but I'm still going to hold on to it. And will more than likely add other Krokus albums to my collection that I find down the road.

Coolest song on the album:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 339

Kris Kristofferson- Border Lord

Well shit, had I known that Krstofferson's albums were this good, I'd have more than just two of his records. I put this one on late last night and contemplated playing it twice before I realized the time and didn't want to wake up my wife. Plus I still had Homeland and Dexter to watch.

Is this and The Silver Tongued Devil and I his best albums? What else should I get? All I know is, I'll start paying more attention to the Country section now when I'm record hunting.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 338

Kris Kristofferson- The Silver Tongued Devil and I

Sometimes it just takes awhile to have to listen to a record from a genre that isn't necessarily your favorite. That was the case with this one. I like country music all right, but it's down in the pecking order of my musical preferences. Plus, it really doesn't help that since the last time I blogged, I've been on a huuuuuge Jazz kick. Basically only type of music I've listened to 98% of the time this Fall.

So this record was a nice break (and complete opposite) from Jazz music. And I think it made me enjoy it more. I've always known Kristofferson the actor more than Kristofferson the singer/songwriter. My first exposure to him was the movie Convoy which totally kicked ass.

I've had this record and another one of his in my collection for quite some time now, but have always blown it off. Which is a shame because this really was a good album. I'm sure you country fans already know that.

Anyways, I do plan on putting the other album I have of his on the turntable over the weekend. But make no promises of doing this consistently any longer!