Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 338

Kris Kristofferson- The Silver Tongued Devil and I

Sometimes it just takes awhile to have to listen to a record from a genre that isn't necessarily your favorite. That was the case with this one. I like country music all right, but it's down in the pecking order of my musical preferences. Plus, it really doesn't help that since the last time I blogged, I've been on a huuuuuge Jazz kick. Basically only type of music I've listened to 98% of the time this Fall.

So this record was a nice break (and complete opposite) from Jazz music. And I think it made me enjoy it more. I've always known Kristofferson the actor more than Kristofferson the singer/songwriter. My first exposure to him was the movie Convoy which totally kicked ass.

I've had this record and another one of his in my collection for quite some time now, but have always blown it off. Which is a shame because this really was a good album. I'm sure you country fans already know that.

Anyways, I do plan on putting the other album I have of his on the turntable over the weekend. But make no promises of doing this consistently any longer!

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