Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 343

Krokus-The Blitz

This is the album that first got me into Krokus. The 12 year old in me still loves it, but the soon to be 40 year old me cringed through half the record. There are still some good tracks, but definitely sounds like Krokus decided to go for the LA hair metal sound with this album. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think Krokus would have been better off staying with the Headhunter sound instead of polishing things up.

Oh and in case you are curious, this album's cover song is Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz". 

It was also on this album's tour that I went to my first ever concert. Have I told you this story before? Well if I have, here it is again:

It was April 30th, 1985 at the Dallas Convention Center. Opening acts were Coney Hatch and Accept, so pretty good triple bill. I went with my older (by four years) brother and his friends so I was the tag along little brother that Jim really did not want around, but he knew I loved Krokus so he took me anyways.

I was having the time of my life at that show, even though I was basically on my own since my brother and his friends decided to sit one row behind me. At one point, I turn around to my brother and what do I see? My bro smoking a joint.

Remember now, I was only 12, at my first concert, and had never seen a person smoking weed before. So what do I do? I cry like a little baby.

I have no idea why I cried. I wasn't mad or sad. Nor did telling our parents ever cross my mind. Guess I was just shocked. But of course this pissed off my brother, but he tried to be cool about it while also being a dick. He was being cool, because he didn't want me to tell Mom, but he was being a dick because I was crying at a rock concert while Krokus is on and everyone in our section is staring at me. Shit, I really can't blame him.

Well that ends the Krokus run. I used to have their live album, Alive and Screamin', but I gave it to my brother when I saw him in Japan back in March because he's on the back cover smoking a joint. Just kidding about the joint part. The photo was taken at the '86 Texxas Jam and my brother is front row to the right of the stage. Far, far away from where I had to sit.

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