Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 369

Loverboy- Get Lucky

A few days ago, I mentioned how I was on this nice streak of good records to listen to in my collection. And then came this one. Ugh.

I only have this record because "Workin' For The Weekend" is a fun song, but damn the rest of the album is horrible. And how about that album cover? I bet it's easily the worst album cover in my record collection. God, I'm having trouble looking at it right now as I type. Yeeesh.

I saw Loverboy one time back in 1986 at the Texxas Jam. Also on the bill were Keel, Krokus, Dio and Van Halen, and although they didn't get booed off the stage, it was close to it. They tried to come out like they were "hard" and it wasn't fooling anybody. I was only 13 at the time, but even I knew then that they were a joke.

But hey, now it's 2013 and they are still touring so more power to them. Just not my cup of tea.

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