Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 386

Paul McCartney- Give My Regards to Broad Street

Lazy, lazy, lazy. I guess I'm not a dedicated blogger. I listened to this album weeks ago, but just haven't felt like posting on here lately. Part of the problem is I usually blog at work, but now for some reason I can't have two different google accounts up at the same time which I need in order to post from there. And when I get home, I just want to hang with the wife and the dog, tend to the garden, eat dinner, and watch TV. Who has time to blog?

If you don't already know about this album, it was a soundtrack to a shitty movie of the same name. The album has a  few originals plus some remakes of Beatles songs. Not a bad album, but I'd rather just listen to the original Beatles tunes. But the real reason I got this record is I really do love "No More Lonely Nights". That's the only reason I'd probably listen to it again.

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