Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Days 399-400

Only listened to two records over the weekend. I thought about waiting to post until I listened to more records, but I'm about to go on a Metallica run and figured those dudes deserve their own post.

Men At Work- Business As Usual

Yeah this record doesn't hold up very well. Even though I loved "Who Can It Be Now?" and "Be Good Johnny" back in the 80's, they both now sound really dated. But I really do dig "People Just Love To Play With Words" and "Down By The Sea".

Metal Church- The Dark

It's cracking me up that Men At Work and Metal Church are on the same blog post, but that's the way it goes.

Good album. My older brother was always more of a Metal Church fan that I was. Really good riffs, but they just seem to be missing that little extra something that kept them from being up there with the Big 4 of thrash.

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