Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days 415-424

Kind of a weird mix of records over my last 10. And quite a few that I forgot I even owned.

Miami Vice- Soundtrack

Yeah I had no idea I owned this. Still not sure why I do. But Glenn Frey's "Smuggler's Blues" is a cool song. It's probably the best thing he's done outside the Eagles. This soundtrack also has Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight", but I always thought that song was kinda hokey.

If we ever have a garage sale, I think this one will end up being a part of it.

Midnight Oil- Diesel and Dust

Again, forgot I owned this record too. I saw Midnight Oil on this tour back in the days when Dallas Alley would have free concerts on Monday nights, so I guessed I liked them at one time.

The only song I felt like it still holds up is this one:

Glenn Miller- A Memorial

Ok, I at least remember buying this record at a Savers for $2 a few years ago, but never put it on until I had to for this blog. Fun record. I hope everyone still knows a good amount of the tunes on this double LP.

Roger Miller- The Return Of

Oh man, I love Roger Miller. He is one of my Dad's favorites so there is definitely some influence there. Back in the 90's, my Dad bought a Roger Miller box set that I pretty much stole from him and played all the time. He asked about it a few times over the years, but I played dumb. Sorry, Dad!

I highly recommend finding this record. It's got the hits "Do-Wacka Do", "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd" and his most well known track, "King of the Road". Country music doesn't get much better than this.

Steve Miller Band- Fly Like An Eagle

Whenever you hear Steve Miller Band on the radio, you always hear the same 3 or 4 songs and then you take them for granted. I was reminded how good they were/are after listening to this and the next one up in my collection.

Steve Miller Band- Book of Dreams

It's hard to decide which Steve Miller Band album I like better. Both are so great.

I've only seen Steve Miller Band once and that was back in 1989 when they played on a bill between Santana and ZZ Top at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. They blew both bands off the stage. They are coming around to Austin in September, so I think I'm gonna have to go. Steve Miller is 69 now, but he sure as hell doesn't look it.

Missing Persons- Spring Session M

Another record I forgot I had and when it was it's turn, I wasn't really looking forward to it. I'm sure I only kept it for "Words". Every boy in the 80's loved that video.

But this is a really good album so I was surprised. Now, I don't know much about pop music today, but after listening to this, I began to wonder if the likes of Lady Gaga and Keisha owe Dale Bozzio a tip of the cap. Sure sounds (and looks) like it to me.

Joni Mitchell- Court and Spark

Joni Mitchell- Miles of Aisles

Joni Mitchell- Wild Things Run Fast

I have no idea why there are 3 Joni Mitchell records in my collection. Yes, I know she is a great songwriter, but this is not for me at all. Quite painful, actually. And the live album, Miles of Aisles is a double lp no less. The live album is the only one I remember purchasing because I always liked the song, "Both Sides Now", but I didn't realize it was a live album at the time of purchase. The other two must have come in one of those grab bag boxes I used to buy at Half Price Books. Regardless, none of these records will ever be on my turntable again.


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